Basketball Beyond Borders is an agency founded by former player Robert Wilson.  After a successful career highlighted with the opportunity to represent his native country Canada in several prestigious international events, Robert has turned his attention to the administrative side of basketball. 


No amount of education in a classroom can make up for years of living and playing in the very leagues that now seek players such as yourselves. 


His playing career saw seasons in Sweden, Israel, Portugal, England, Lebanon, Iceland, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Hong Kong and China while playing in numerous international events for Team Canada all throughout the Americas such as the World Championships of Basketball in 1994. 


The ability to draw on contacts personally established after years of playing abroad and the intense knowledge of various leagues, puts Robert in a class of his own.  Collaboration with numerous partner agents worldwide ensures every players needs are met on a day-to-day level and in case of emergencies.  His hands on handling of every one of the players are met with a tireless attention to the smallest details on the smallest contracts.  As a player, his experience with contract legalities have set him up as an expert in all areas of contract negotiations. 


Playing abroad, coupled with strong Christian principles, has formulated Robert's concept of basketball and its role in your life as a career, thus the birth of B3:


Be Professional both on and off the court

Be Honest in your dealings with other players and other teams.

Be Prepared for any jobs you accept as a player.


As a member of the Canadian National Team and a former player and first overall draft choice of Slamball, Robert is very aware his spot in the public eye could be used for several worthy causes.  Sport is a medium that can raise the awareness level of myriads of people.  The responsibility of athletes to be able to offer support to many important causes is something encouraged at B3. 


Formulating a strategic plan with each of our players to achieve their basketball goals, through:


decisive decisions about new offers and renewals of existing contracts

attention to the smallest contract details to ensure our players ability to focus on basketball

complete accessibility to provide our players with peace of mind that their needs are met

support and guidance for our players in the event of a breach of contract


connections with NBA personnel on an ongoing basis

comprehensive digital communication with partners worldwide for our players promotion

endorsement opportunities as available in select markets

social media management and potential brand building opportunities


access to training facilities and platforms

transition between situations, specifically college to professional status

financial planning

post career investment opportunities

The will to become the best is what you must provide.