PF/SF   Ht: 199cm   Wt: 103kg   DOB: 9/2/84

A very good athlete he is able to play SG through to PF  effectively because of a great mix of size and quickness.  Rebounds aggressively and will keep the ball alive on the glass.  Very effective mid range jumper causes a lot of problems as his first step to the hoop can be devastating if you challenge his jumper too aggressively.  Can handle the ball and has no problem advancing the ball out of the backcourt in case of pressure. Aggressive offensive mind set makes him lead by example.  Has very long arms and consistently tips and blocks shots from the backside and weak side.  A very complete player he is capable of playing at the highest levels.  Shoots the deep ball quite well and is extending his range which for a player his size will make him deadly.  Probably one of his best qualities is his durability, can always be counted on time and again to be fit and ready for every game and put his all into every single possession.

2018  Japan B2 league - Iwate

                  14.6ppg,  6.6rpg, 2.4apg, 0.6spg

                  FG 50%, 3PT FG 30% (5-17),  FT 73%

2017-18  Japan B league - Hitachi (medical replacement)

                  3.7ppg,  2.8rpg, 0.5apg, 10mpg, 24games

                  FG 41%, 3PT FG 43% (3-7),  FT 72%

2016-17  Japan B league - Hokkaido Sapporo

                  12.0ppg,  6.6rpg, 1.6apg, 22mpg, 

                  FG 52%, FT 78%, (Arrived in Nov’16)

2016 Luxembourg - Basket Esch (left in Nov ’16)

                  18.8ppg,  8.4rpg, 2.2apg, 33mpg, 

                  FG 56%, FT 81%, 3pt FG 22%(2-9)

2015-16  Japan NBL - Hokkaido Sapporo

                  9.1ppg,  5.0rpg, 1.6apg, 20mpg, 

                  FG 49%, FT 70%, 3pt FG 23%(25-109)

PLAYING HISTORY: Hokkaido - JPN, Randers - DEN, Saint-Brieuc - FRA, Koripojat - FIN, Saigon Heat - ASEAN,  Guangdong - CHN, Bakken - DEN, Salon Vilpas - FIN,  Purefoods - PHI,  Austin - NBDL,  Goettining - GER,  Houston - NCAA

HIGHLIGHTS 2016-17: Watch Jahmar on court in a quick glimpse of his work in Japan.


VIDEO 2016-17: Jahmar highlights as he keeps his team in the top league in Japan.

VIDEO 2016-17: Jahmar presses the action all over the B league in Japan